We are able to take a photograph of yours and print it onto canvas.

Our canvas prints are extremely high quality and are printed on gallery depth stretcher on a natural fibre canvas. For that clean, contemporary look we use blind fixings to hang our canvases on your wall.

For photographs that have already been printed we can scan the image. Once scanned we can correct the colour, contrast and fix any defects in the photograph including scratches, fold marks and staining.

If the photo was taken on your smart phone or digital camera, we can print from the digital file. Again we can make sure the colours and levels are correct before printing.


If the original image is focused and exposed well, we can scale your image up if needed. The canvases themselves come in the following sizes:

Canvas Type Width (inches) Height (inches) Price (£)
Square Format
1x1 Large 32 32 100
1x1 Medium 24 24 75
1x1 Small 16 16 55
Panoramic Format
2x1 Large 60 32 120
2x1 Medium 48 24 100
2x1 Small 32 16 75
Regular Format
3x2 Large 48 32 120
3x2 Medium 36 24 80
3x2 Small 24 16 65

All prices exc VAT